Our project: The 3 S's for the 21st century - SORT, SOLVE, SUCCEED

The title of the project “The 3 S´s for the 21st century - sort, solve, succeed" implies the main theme of the project which is preparing pupils for the risks they will face in the 21st century. Whichever the country, the challenges facing modern Europeans are the same: unemployment, crisis... Our aim is to help each other develop strategies and resources to deal with some of these challenges. Over the next 2 years, we will focus on the development of knowledge, understanding and skills that will help the adults and children in our schools to become healthier European citizens that are aware of their responsibility within their local and international community and who understand the importance of promoting tolerance, peace and respect as well as teach them how to provide as much as they can for themselves by themselves. With the help of various methods, strategies, resources (ICT, peer tutoring, experiential learning, story telling) an international learning environment will be established for the pupils and teachers as the project will join together schools from Finland, Germany, Ireland, Poland, Portugal and Slovenia. The staff and pupils of each of the six schools will work collaboratively to create a number of items and present the products on the project's website which will be only one means of dissemination (Comenius days, leaflets, conferences). Our project meetings will also be a means of learning first hand for they will provide an opportunity for the teachers and pupils to experience each other's school systems and culture. These meetings will enable ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the progress of our project, as well as allow the development of friendships on a personal and professional level.  

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